How do i sign up for lessons ?

you can sign up for lessons by completing your information on my "contact me" section on the website . You will receive a call back within 24/hrs for confirmation on your preferred Day and time of lessons.

What do i need to prepare for my Online lessons ?

Online Bass Lessons: Setup "A" 1. Bass Guitar with instrument cable 2. Bass Amplifier 3. Music playback device on your computer speakers (optional) 4. Mobile phone (android or iphone) with "skype account" or "zoom Account" 5. Internet Connection 6. Headphones (optional) Setup "B" (Kplug Setup) 1. Bass Guitar 2. Kplug ( Sold Separately) 3. Lappell Microphone ( Sold Separately ) 4. Mp3 Player (optional) 5. Mobile Phone (android or iphone) with "skype " or "zoom" app installed 6. Heaphones or earphones 7. Internet Connection Online Garageband Lessons 1. Ipad or iphone with garageband app installed 2. "Skype " or "Zoom" app installed Online Music Production Course (mixing) 1. Laptop 2. Studio one installed (free software) 3. Skype or zoom installed on your computer 4. Internet connection 5. Headphones or decent computer speakers

How much are the course fees?

Under menu --- > click on Lessons ---> click Course Fees

How to setup for online classes?

click on this step by step guide on how to setup your online classes


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