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xTool M1 10 W

xTool M1 10 W

19 900,00 krPris

Paketet Innehåller:


    xTool M1: World's First Desktop Hybrid Laser & Blade Cutting Machine


    The Versatile Desktop Cutter and Engraver for Everyone - Innovative | Powerful | Easy to Use | Affordable


    The xTool M1 is a laser cutter, laser engraver, and blade cutter, all integrated into one desktop machine that is remarkably safe and easy to use. Whether for the crafter, the geek, the home user, the amateur or the professional, the xTool M1 can help you create more than you imagine.


    The Deluxe Bundle Includes:

    • xTool M1 10W Desktop Hybrid Laser & Blade Cutting Machine
    • xTool Smoke Purifier
    • Filter kit(In the smoke purifier)


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